Punture resistant tire
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The 1st genuine puncture-resistant tire !

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Invented and patented by Robert G. BOULAIN , former founder and CEO of companies in France and in the U.S.A., inventor of several industrial patented processes and former " consulting engineer for innovation " at one of the world's leading tire manufacturers (France and U.S.A.).

What is the concept of "SAFEKIT" (TM) and how it works :

the 1st genuine and universal puncture-resistant and blowout protection system for tires !

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The main feature of this concept of puncture-proof tire is that it ensures the permanent pneumatic function of the wheel and consequently it secures the road holding of the vehicle in all circumstances, that is to say the capacity to continue to be driven without any change in the driving conditions, should severe punctures or cuts of the tread occur : for instance punctures up to 7/8 cm (3 inches) deep and/or cuts up to 5 to 7 cm (2 to 3 inches) and even more - which covers in fact " 99,99% " of the punctures/cuts of the tires - the only limit depending on the destruction of the casing of the tire itself making it dangerous to continue to drive the vehicle with such a severely damaged tire.

The tire equipped with the puncture-proof system "SAFEKIT" (TM) enables the driver in most cases, ( even in the case of a puncture of the tread or a cut of the sidewalls ), to retain his original speed. He does not to have to go to a repair service station because there are no modifications of the road holding, regardless of the speed of the vehicle and it makes for increased safety when compared to the currently marketed tires with rigid reinforced sidewalls ( "RUN-FLAT" technologies ). This is due to the fact that the pressure of these reinforced sidewall tires, after they get punctured, decreases to zero and consequently they do not ensure the normal pneumatic functions of the tire to the wheel any longer (i.e. road holding, comfort, etc.). As a result of that, the speed of the vehicle must be reduced. For security reasons, it cannot be higher than a maximum of 80 km/h (50 miles/h) due to a serious lack of road holding beyond this speed and the corresponding lack of control of the vehicles. On the other hand, it must be mentioned that the tire can be destroyed if the vehicle is driven on too long a distance ( in fact, only a few dozen of kilometers ! ) when the pressure has collapsed. If a driver does not take these limitations into consideration he can be seriously at risk of an accident due to reduced road holding if he drives over the previously mentioned speed-limit. In addition, these tires, in most cases, cannot be repaired without risks. Consequently, most of the repair station specialists are not really willing to incur responsability when making such repairs...So, all things considered and including their much higher price compared with the price of the conventional tires, these tires are finally very costly when compared to the combination of the puncture-proof system "SAFEKIT" (TM) of Robert G. BOULAIN added to conventional tires and furthermore so much more efficient.

Besides, we should not overlook the higher carbon dioxide emission caused by the restricted driving conditions of reinforced sidewalls tires which is due to their extra-weight and their higher rolling resistance. Also their lack of comfort and their much higher price has to be mentioned. In addition, the car manufacturers must modify the suspensions of the vehicles fitted with such tires. Consequently, it is strongly recommended to the user of a car equipped with such reinforced sidewall tires not to fit a conventional tire on his car anymore due to the fact that these tires have modified the road-holding of the car. Therefore, all these limitations are not really appreciated by the owners of cars equipped with such tires...( Numerous and significant stories are reported in many press articles which confirm the above comments. )

Contrary to the previously mentioned tires, the puncture-proof tire system "SAFEKIT" (TM) - ( which includes the 1st genuine and efficient permanent protection against the risks of punctures and blowouts ) - is not concerned with all these restrictions and it can easily be inserted into every conventional tires (tubeless and/or tube type tires) . Besides, it is an equipment independent from the tires (not being a part of their casing) that is to say it does not interfere with the road holding behavior and with the comfort of the vehicles fitted with conventional tires (tubeless and/or tube type tires) which are equipped with such a puncture-proof system. Furthermore, it is definitely a cheaper way to permanently be spared the unpleasantness and sometimes danger of tire punctures and/or of blowouts. Consequently, the puncture-proof tire "SAFEKIT" (TM) should be seriously considered by car-makers because they should be motivated to explore this new path in order to reach a much higher level of safety with regard to the risks of punctures/blowouts of the tires and as a result of that it should help them to convince their clients more easily to definitely "psychologically" accept the complete suppression of the spare wheel from their cars. The transportation companies too should seriously consider this puncture-proof system, because, for the first time in the current market of puncture-resistant products, this equipment does not cause any loss of pressure of the tire even should a puncture occur.

Besides, the puncture-proof system "SAFEKIT" (TM) of Robert G. BOULAIN, when fixed at a suitable level into the inside of the sidewalls of the tire reduces seriously the disastrous consequences of blowouts of the tires, thus greatly enhancing their security. So, considering also all the advantages provided by this puncture-proof system it is an interesting means to considerably cut the costs of management of the tires of all trucks and/or OTR vehicles so that it can prevent the very costly downtime of trucks or OTR jobs for the companies involved in the transportation.

Finally it must also be mentioned that most of the " self-sealing liquid punctures repair kits " - which are currently marketed under numerous brand-names -, may be able to " eventually " repair holes having a limited size ( maximum 5/6 mm ). Nevertheless, they never allow the punctured tire to recover completely and definitely its original airtightness...Again it must be mentioned the tires which include an attached internal flexible layer made of low-viscosity polymers which are supposed to fill up the holes in case of punctures. It can only work for those holes of small dimensions, for instance limited to a maximum of 5 mm. ! Besides, the pressure must be relatively low, which eliminates of course all trucks or LCV tires. As a result of these limitations, most of these " self-repairing systems " fail to provide a 100% safe driving !

In conclusion, all the previously mentioned systems developed in order to try to resolve the old and anachronistic problem of punctures in tires only work " AFTER it occurs ! " That is to say : TOO LATE !Therefore, they cannot seriously vie with the patented concept "SAFEKIT" (TM) that Robert G. BOULAIN has developed and patented, because this concept provides a much more efficient protection system which works " BEFORE " the puncture occurs ! Thus, it " PREVENTS " any potential puncture or blowout of the tire at any time and in any circumstances !

In other words, it justifies the saying : " Prevention is better than cure !..."

In addition, it becomes more and more obvious and unavoidable that the forthcoming general and legal obligation to include into the tires TPMS devices in order to permanently control the tire's pressure ( or other electronic chips such as the RFID systems ), is going to be conflicting with the self-sealing liquid products which might damage the electronic sensors of these devices, thus generating inaccurate measurement !

So, after comparing all the previous options mentionned and the concept ( including all its components ) of the puncture-proof system "SAFEKIT" (TM) of Robert G. BOULAIN it may be said that, contrary to these options, it is easy to understand that it will not be conflicting with such devices and better than this, it should even greatly enhance the level of safety in driving !

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Dec. 21, 2011 - People's Rep. of China patent issued,

Aug. 14, 2012 - U.S. patent issued,

Sep. 21, 2012 - Hong-Kong patent issued,

May 16, 2014 - Japan patent issued,

Apr. 28, 2015 - Canadian patent issued,

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